Whispers (Week -1) / by Will Tyas

Post Everything is obviously primarily the work of Antosh and Will. We tend to prefer working in each other's company but that is very often not possible and as such we have decided to create "Whispers". Here we are going to offer each other a piece of sound design each week in 2017 (totalling 52 pieces of sound design) in reaction to each other. Will (me) is going to start. All the sound design pieces will go up here on the Post Everything website. 

Here are some rules for Whispers

1: each piece of sound design must total no more than one minute and no less than thirty seconds.

2: each subsequent piece of sound design must contain at least one component from the previous week's addition. It must not, however, solely comprise of the previous week's sound design. There must be a new sound. 

3: no piece of sound design used in this project may be used by another project until the close of "Whispers" on 31st December 2017.


Feel free to play along at home with any art form and any interlocutor you like. We are, as always, fascinated to see what other artists make.