Post Everything is Antosh Wojcik and Will Tyas. We are poets and musicians and we specialise in creative documentation of our own work and the work of others. 

Our Primary interest is in Podcasting, Audio Journalism, and Sonic Art. On this website you can find examples of our work and find out what we are doing and how to get involved in it.



Will Tyas

Will Tyas

Will Tyas is an artist from Grimsby and currently based in London. Works list below.

“Sound for Momentum”-a piece of sound art commissioned by the Barbican Centre and the Barbican Young Poets in order to mix the spoken word with ambient sound to create a piece of immersive music from sounds already existant within the performance space. (2014)

“Goodnight & Love”-a five-song EP made with band Mina’s Ghost as well as other musicians based in South London. The lead track “The Werewolf & The Crescent Moon” was featured on BBC6 Music and the EP received a four star review from online journal “The Equal Ground” (2014)

“Play time”- a film score commissioned by The Barbican Young Film Makers for the movie “Play Time”. The movie is currently being prepared for exhibition at film festivals. (2014)

“Outtakes of the Apocalypse”- I composed drone music for a short poetry film by Sophie Fenella and Antosh Wojcik. (2014)

“The Heygate Estate”- A piece of instrumental music commissioned by Sophie Fenella for her poetry movie about the Heygate Estate in South London. (2014)

“The Bell She Laughs”-A set of instrumental pieces and one song commissioned by Lonely Robot Theatre company. The play ran for 6 nights at the Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton and received a four star review. (2013)

“A Light Journey”-I composed music for a piece of puppetry-based theatre at the Little Angel Theatre in Islington London with the Little Devils Theatre Company. 2015.

“The Correct Spelling of My Name” Commissioned by Joelle Taylor in 2015, I composed and engineered a piece of percussion-heavy, highly rhythmic music for a poetry film.

“Fiery Tales for Dark Nights” Commissioned by Aimée Robertson and produced in collaboration with Lonely Robot Theatre Company.

Antosh Wojcik

Antosh Wojcik

Antosh Wojcik is an artist from Reading, currently based in Henley-On-Thames. Works list below.

'Building A Voice-Percussion Gun To Kill Glitches In Memory' - a cross-art micro-commission for Penned In The Margins and Mercy Theatre for The EVP Sessions, a performance and installation event exploring voice, hauntology and technology. Nov 2015.

Speak Up Newcomer Tour - commissioned by Apples and Snakes alongside three other poets to write and perform a response to The Last Poets' 'This Is Madness,' as part of their UK tour. July 2015.

'Becoming Alone With The Men In My Family' - commissioned to write a poem exploring sexuality and boundaries by Burn After Reading in partnership with The Wellcome Collection. July 2015

Talking Doorsteps - commissioned by The Roundhouse in an international collaboration project which combined film and poetry, exploring the theme of home. Worked with poets Sara Sabai (Lebanon) and Pieter Odendaal to create a group poetry piece that was then made into a poetry film. May 2015.

'Dear Adventure' - wrote and performed in a poetry show with Roundhouse collective Kid Glove, featured at The Last Word, Roundhouse. May 2015.

Unheard Festival - commissioned by poet and curator Rachel Long to write and perform a poem exploring abuse. February 2015.

'Replacing You Laugh Track With Your Exit Music' - commissioned by Poejazzi to write a response to Allen Ginsburg's poem, Howl. This was then scored and performed alongside live musicians and other poets at UK festivals and London Jazz Festival. October 2014.

'Outtakes of the Apocalypse' - wrote and performed a duo poem with Sophie Fenella which was featured in a poetry film, composed and edited by Will Tyas and Tyrone Lewis .